Alexander Lakhanpal

Alexander Lakhanpal grew up athletically talented, but it was his desire for a college education that gave him the motivation he needed to become a world-class athlete. Lakhanpal did not have the money to attend college, but dreamed of earning a Bachelor’s Degree at a prestigious university one day.

As a young teenager in Sweden, Alex remembers watching the Junior World Championships in the early 1990s. He would watch the races, cheer on the winners, and listen as the announcers mentioned the full scholarships that colleges and universities had awarded to the winners. Lakhanpal decided at that point that he would earn his own scholarship by doing the exact same thing. 

Lakhanpal took up track in high school and took his training extremely seriously. He quickly rose up the ranks on his high school team and competed in the school’s track meets. Lakhanpal got quicker and stronger until something finally clicked. All the training finally paid off and Alex completely crushed his PR in the 100m by a full second. It was at that point that Lakhanpal went from being generally fast to one of the top runners in the city. 

Pumped up by his success, Alexander grew even more dedicated. He began to draw motivation from movies like Rocky, and trained harder than most teenagers did at that age. He continued to improve and quickly made it to the finals of the Junior Championships. The year after that he made it to the finals again and medaled.

Lakhanpal was incredibly fast by his senior year, but bad weather prevented him from hitting the times he needed to qualify for the Junior World Championships, and subsequently, earn the collegiate scholarship that he so desperately wanted. Finally, during the very last race of the year, Lakhanpal set a new personal record and earned his spot on the Swedish squad that went to the Junior World Championships. That year, his 200 meter personal best of 21.37 was the fastest of any Junior in the Scandinavian countries.

Alexander Lakhanpal earned himself a full scholarship at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He ran for their team all four years, where he eventually earned fourth place at the Conference USA Championships. 

Today, Lakhanpal has stopped his short sprints in favor of a diversity of athletic training exercises and regimens. He most enjoys alternating between high interval intensity training, weight lifting, and 3-6 mile runs. A big hockey fan, Lakhanpal enjoys watching the Rangers and Tre Kronor (or Three Crowns), Sweden’s national ice hockey team. 

Alex also enjoys watching football. When Alex’s Tulane buddies asked him what football team he liked, he shrugged and said the Minnesota Vikings because of the connection to the Scandinavian seafarers of old. To this day, Alex roots for the Vikings and enjoys watching football on the big screen. 

Alexander Lakhanpal currently serves as the Senior Manager at the Banking & Securities Group of Deloitte & Touche LLP. Alexander has been a CPA and also holds a Chartered Financial Analyst(“CFA”) designation. He currently works and lives in the greater New York City area.