Top Gym-Free Exercises

alexander lakhanpal nyFor those of us living in an urban environment, space can come at a real premium. Because of that, it can sometimes be challenging to find a space in our own homes or apartments where we can exercise without accidentally knocking something over, or angering our downstairs neighbors. While a gym membership provides a great alternative to trying to workout in your home, during these warm summer months, it may be a breath of fresh air to take your gym routine outside.

While this circuit is challenging, it’s by no means impossible. Strive for your own personal best. As you get stronger , gradually increase the number of sets that you do for each move.

The Routine

Pullups : Do four sets of ten repetitions. Rest for twenty seconds or less between each of these sets…preferable less! Follow this up with two minutes of jump rope.


Alex LakhanpalDips: Find a park bench and do four sets of twelve repetitions. Again, don’t rest for more than twenty seconds between each set, and aim to shorten the duration of rest each time.



Alexander LakhanpalMountain Climbers : Do two sets, each set should last one minute. Take no more than twenty seconds between sets.



Pushups : Do three sets of pushups, each for one minute.